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What should I expect?
Worship with us in Spirit and in Truth!

What should I expect?

At Grace Baptist Church, you will encounter a family friendly and welcoming environment.

How do I dress?
We want you to be a part of our service, regardless of how you are dressed. However, we do ask that you dress in a modest fashion. The staff and those holding positions of leadership will be wearing traditional church attire. We believe that we should wear our best before the Lord as we worship Him in our services, but we understand that everyone may not have the nice dresses and suits, and that is ok.

All music at GBC will be traditional hymns of the faith and spiritual songs that honor God and teach a biblical message. We will sing congregational hymns from the hymnal, and other spiritual songs that are pleasing to the Lord. Our special singing will follow the same guidlines as we follow the Biblical principles of our worship.